Loft 9b in Bulgaria

Architect Dimitar Karanikolov and interior designer Veneta Nikolova have teamed up to create a beautiful loft apartment in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. While the residence is predominantly open plan, with a large living and dining space at its heart, the duo have managed to create private areas by cleverly arranging the space and placing the bathroom inside the old elevator shaft.

To hide the development from existing higher residential buildings, which provided a major privacy issue, the apartment has also been lined with tall cantilevered aluminium planters - a green aura that surrounds the entire place and makes the terrace appear like a serene courtyard, completely sheltered from the outer world.

On the inside, carefully sourced vintage items add a touch of cosiness to an otherwise relatively cold space.

Photos: Minko Minev, Georgi Petev and Dimitar Karanikolov