Video: Monocle's Travel Guide To Tokyo

  • Posted 35 months Ago

Planning to travel to Tokyo? Well lucky for you Monocle has just released a travel guide of the city in collaboration with published Gestalten. Written by a bureau team in the city who have been covering the metropolis since Monocle began in 2007, the 148-page hardback aims to highlight the best spots in the city, particularly the lesser-known gems that other guides may well overlook.

"At Monocle we love a well-run city and one capital that deserves that epithet more than any other is Tokyo," says the narrator of this video. "With its clean streets, punctual transport, and polite service, the Japanese capital is the last word in efficiency, but its charms run so much deeper. In spite of its size, this city has warmth and cosiness."

The Monocle Tokyo Travel Guide is available online now for 10.