Facebook Breaks Down How We Laugh Online

  • · Posted 29 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

For a week at the end of May, Facebook's research has monitored our posts and comments to see how people laugh online. The results show that 15% of people include laughter in a post at least once a week. The most common laugh is "haha" with 51.4%, followed by emojis with 33.7%, then "hehe" with 12.7%. The least common is "lol", which only makes up 1.9% of laugher online.

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The team also took a look into how long the "haha"s were, discovering that the six letter "hahaha" is also very common and there's also a surprising amount of "hhhhaaahhhaa"s (or just general keyboard mashing).

If you're interested, there's a while load of data you can delve into over on the Facebook blog.

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Source: Facebook
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