Jeremy Scott Says He Brought Kanye West to adidas

"I'm the person who brought [Kanye West] to adidas," said the designer in an interview with Complex.

  • · Posted 31 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

Jeremy Scott, an eclectic fashion designer who's constantly fighting lawsuits for copyright infringement, says that he's the one who first brought Kanye West to adidas. Speaking to Complex, he said:

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"I'm the person who brought [Kanye West] to adidas. It was back, maybe in 2009, 2008, when he was so excited by the line, and he conveyed to me that he passionately wanted to do something with them...[Kanye's] an amazing, creative genius...he’s just so passionate and so curious about design. I think that he’s been able to kind of show what he’s been wanting to do, trying to use this platform as a way to express himself."

Scott also talks about his role as Moschino's creative director and working with musicians like A$AP Rocky. You can read the whole thing over on Complex.

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