Video: The $750,000 Sneaker Collection

  • Posted 32 months Ago

The latest video from Forbes takes us down into the basement of "sneaker wearer" (not "sneaker collector") Mark "Mayor" Farese, who estimates that he now owns a little over 3,000 pairs of shoes, valuing them at around the $750,000 mark.

"I grew up very poor. My mother bought me some sneakers, it was like a $10 shoe, and it was called the Mark 5. I thought I was the coolest kid on the block because I had my name on my shoe. So I ran downstairs and everybody laughed me off the block, I was the laughing stock of the block. I went upstairs crying and I vowed I would never ever get laughed at again when it came to footwear," says Farese. "Whatever I had to do to get sneakers after that, whatever it was, sweeping floors or stealing money from my grandfather, whatever it was I vowed never to be laughed at again for footwear, and a little later we have these 3,000 pairs of sneakers."

Watch the video above.