Luna - A Beautiful, Realistic Moon Lamp for Your Home

  • Posted 32 months Ago

We’ve seen a lightning-filled smart cloud lamp and a cute little cloud lamp, but Taiwan-based studio Acorn have looked further into the sky and produced the wonderful looking Luna, a beautiful, realistic looking moon lamp for your home. Currently funding over on Indiegogo where they have raised over $300,000, the Luna lamp is available in various sizes, from a small desktop version at 3.2 inches to an enormous feature-piece 23.6 inches. The luminosity of the lamps are adjustable and range from LUX1 to LUX5. All are water and heat resistant, as well as crashworthy.

Take a look at a few shots of the Luna below and head over to Indiegogo to find out more and pre-order one for yourself. Prices start at $75 and rise to $875 for the largest lamp.