Video: The Monocle Travel Guide To Miami

Monocle takes us around Miami, proving it's got much more to offer than just a beach.

  • · Posted 28 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

These days Miami seems to have lost much of its appeal, with tourists opting to visit cities with more galleries, restaurants, and historic buildings, but this new travel guide from Monocle proves that Miami isn't just for beach breaks.

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"For years the Floridian metropolis was seen as a bit of a one trick pony, but there is so much more to Miami than the beach," says the narrator of the video. "The city is booming and the cash influx is being poured into the development of a sparkling new urban core, but money is also being invested in the restoration and maintenance of historic buildings. Miami has a buzz that stems from its nascent art and food scenes and its melting pot quality where the English speaking and Spanish speaking americas arrive."

The Monocle travel guide to Miami is available from Amazon now for 9.99.

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