Mark Wahlberg Apparently Has A $100K Sneaker Collection

  • Posted 30 months Ago

A lot of sneakerheads find themselves faced with one major problem - how the hell are they supposed to finance their budget-breaking addiction to expensive shoes. Luckily, Mark Wahlberg's Hollywood fame and large paycheques allow him to side step that particular issue, meaning that, according to sneaker data site Campless, he's managed to rack up a large collection worth at least $100,000 USD (approx. £66,000).

The actor invited the Campless team down to his home to check out his collection, where they analysed 137 pairs, of which 90 are tracked. They determined that the most expensive sneakers in his collection are the OVO x Air Jordan 12 “White,” the Duckman Air Jordan 4 and the Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4. Whether or not he actually wears any of them is unclear…

You can see more stats about Mark Wahlberg's sneaker collection on Campless.