Dog Years: A Heart-Melting Book of Dogs Growing Old

  • Posted 30 months Ago

Amanda Jones - a respected photographer who has been photographing dogs for 20 years - has released a truly heart-melting book with Abrams & Chronicle Books called Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then & Now. Through beautiful black-and-white photography, it documents the lives and stories of 30 dogs (including her own longhaired dachshund, Lily), presenting each one as a puppy and then again in older age. Amanda captures the unique relationship we share with dogs perfectly in the intro, writing:

"A dog's life is a span that marks so much in our lives. We get them as puppies and they are cute and goofy, driving us crazy with constant chewing on furniture and shoes, as well as making a mess of the house. Then we teach them and they learn to behave better (sometimes). The connection over time deepens, and as our dogs age, the tides shift and we tend to learn more from their teachings–to relax, to be joyful, to throw caution to the wind, and to enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life. Life really is better with a dog by your side."

If you're a dog lover, this is the book for you. You can pick up a copy from Abrams & Chronicle Books for 12.99.

Photos: HUH.