The World's Smallest Camera Equipped Drone

  • Posted 31 months Ago

When it comes to drones you can either go two ways - small, cheap, camera-less ones or large, expensive, camera-equipped ones. With the introduction of the VIDIUS Drone, however, Axis want to meet you somewhere in the middle.

Described as "the World's Smallest First Person View Drone", the tiny Axis VIDIUS is capable of "flying up to 100 feet away" and "performing 360 degree flips and rolls" all while streaming and recording live video. You can even control it straight from your Android or iPhone, viewing and recording the footage though a live video feed transmitted across the WiFi connection.

Unfortunately, the $75 USD (approx. 50) price tag is going to give you some limitations - it only has a flight time of between 5 and 7 minutes (20 minute recharge time through USB) and the footage is only 420p (640 480 resolution). That said, it's no doubt a great first drone for anyone who just wants to have a fun mess around.

Photos: Axis Drones

Source: Axis Drones
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