Kodak Introduces a Digital Super 8 Camera That Also Records on Film

Kodak introduces a Super 8 camera that records both digitally and on film.

  • · Posted 26 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

Kodak has learnt that not everyone wants more megapixels and bigger LCD screens, teaming up with industrial designer Yves Bihar to reintroduce its original 1965 Super 8 camera. Of course, some adjustments needed to be made to bring it into the modern age, so as well as being able to record on actual film, the camera records a digital version to an SD card, giving you to options for media output.

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Prices are yet to be announced, but when speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Kodak chief Jeff Clarke said that the film cartridges will cost somewhere between $50 and $75 (approx. 35 - 50). The camera itself is expected to sit somewhere between $400 and $750 (approx. 275 - 500) and is due to be released late this year.

"This is no longer the classic script of a war of digital versus analog," added Clarke. "What it really is now is the complementary characteristics of both."

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Image: A render of the camera from Eastman Kodak Co.

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Source: WSJ
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