Kodak Introduces a Digital Super 8 Camera That Also Records on Film

  • Posted 28 months Ago

Kodak has learnt that not everyone wants more megapixels and bigger LCD screens, teaming up with industrial designer Yves Bihar to reintroduce its original 1965 Super 8 camera. Of course, some adjustments needed to be made to bring it into the modern age, so as well as being able to record on actual film, the camera records a digital version to an SD card, giving you to options for media output.

Prices are yet to be announced, but when speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Kodak chief Jeff Clarke said that the film cartridges will cost somewhere between $50 and $75 (approx. 35 - 50). The camera itself is expected to sit somewhere between $400 and $750 (approx. 275 - 500) and is due to be released late this year.

"This is no longer the classic script of a war of digital versus analog," added Clarke. "What it really is now is the complementary characteristics of both."

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Image: A render of the camera from Eastman Kodak Co.

Source: WSJ
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