McDonald's Reinvents Itself with Clean New Packaging

  • Posted 29 months Ago

To reinvigorate its image, McDonald's has worked with 15 different designers from 8 different agencies all over the world to create its new packaging, all within the space of a week. Boxer Brand Design were then handed the idea, refining them to come up with the final bags, cups, and boxes, all of which are being being phased into restaurants worldwide this month.

"The packaging is intended to create noticeable change for our customers and I'm hoping it makes them feel better about their choice of going to McDonald's," said Matt Biespiel, Senior Director of Global Brand Development at McDonald's. "Unlike other [branding] categories, you receive packaging after you've already made the purchase. The thought for me is, this is about reinforcing the purchase decision—having people feel good about walking down the street holding our bag."

The bold font used throughout is a bespoke version of Helvetica and comes in bright pink, acid greed, neon orange, red, and sky blue, proving that McDonald's is proud of who it is and its customers should be proud to eat there.

"The entire portfolio of new graphics are a celebration of what makes McDonald's 'McDonald's' for customers," added Biespiel. "I'm hoping that our customers will see this as being true to who we are, being bold, and, to an extent, being fashionable. The bag and the cup act as mini billboards as people walk out of our restaurants, walk on the subways, walk down the streets, so we very intentionally designed these with a fashion mentality."

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Photos: McDonald's