Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

  • Posted 28 months Ago

Audio brand Bose has unveiled the SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II, bringing with it a host of new features such as the ability to seamlessly switch between two Bluetooth devices. Simply drag your headphones onto the device you want to use and it'll connect, allowing you to automatically pause a film on your iPad while you take a call on your iPhone.

TriPort technology and Active EQ have also been implemented to deliver perfectly crisp sound at any volume, while the rechargeable lithium-ion battery will give you up to 15 hours of listening time (3 hours to fully charge, or 15 minutes for 2 hours of listening time). Impact-resistant materials such as glass-filled nylon give the headphones increased durability, and this has been paired with soft ear cushions and a contoured headband to make them lighter and more comfortable than other comparable wireless headphones.

The Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II are available now from Amazon in two colours for 239.95.

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