Google Is Preserving Famous Artworks with a Super Hi-Res Camera

  • Posted 25 months Ago

As part of its endless mission to capture and preserve as much of human culture as possible, Google has created a super hi-res camera capable of creating gigapixel images of great artworks.

Dubbed the Art Camera, the design simplifies the previously laborious task of photographing art, allowing museums and galleries to preserve and digitalise their collections with ease. It works by taking multiple extreme close-ups of the artwork, sending each one to Google's servers to be stitched together into a massive gigapixel file which is then uploaded to the project's website. Just a few years ago this process took an entire day per artwork. This camera can do it in roughly 30 minutes.

Twenty Google Art Camera are currently working in museums across the globe, the results from which you can see on the Google Cultural Institute's website.

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