Video: Meet The London Rollergirls

  • Posted 25 months Ago

VICE and iD Mobile have produced a new series of short films called New Originals, focussing on inspiring people who have taken control of their own destiny.

Episode two of the three part series is hosted by VICE channel Broadly and looks at The London Rollergirls, an all-women roller derby league and not-for-profit organisation. Founded by Courtney Welch, Lauren Langston and Danielle West, The London Rollergirls offer a sporting option out of the norm, providing a fierce, physical and fast paced game which is full of passion and respect by those who take part. It’s the fastest growing sport in urban centres, with new fans and players inspired by breaking stereotypes of women in sport.

Watch the film above!

iD Mobile is a new 4G Network which puts customers in control. Find out more about it here. You can watch the rest of the New Originals series on Noisey and VICE Sports respectively here.

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