72 New Emojis Are Being Released Later This Month

  • Posted 25 months Ago

Good news for all the emoji users out there (which is basically everybody right?), 72 brand new ones are on the way later this month. The Unicode Technical Committee, the body in charge of emojis, has announced that 77 new characters have been accepted, with 72 coming on June 21 with the Unicode 9.0 update, and a further 5 (but hopefully more) will be released in June 2017.

Included in the 72 are the much needed Fingers Crossed, Fist Bump, and Facepalm emojis, as well as Man Dancing, and Prince to go with the existing Woman Dancing and Princess.

We also get an Avocado, Shrug, Potato, Pancakes, Spoon, Gorilla, Fox, Selfie Arm and more! Take a look at a selection of the new emojis above and head to Unicode’s website to see the full list.