Sunglasses That Double as "Bone Conducting" Speakers

  • Posted 22 months Ago

An LA-based startup called Zungle has come up with a pair of sunglasses that double as a pair of Bluetooth headphones thanks to "bone conducting" technology, transmitting the audio directly through your bones to the inner ear. This technology means there's no need for any ear pieces as the "speakers" are concealed in each leg of the sunglasses. It also allows the wearer to stay aware of their surroundings because the resulting audio doesn't block out any background noise - it's more like you're walking along holding a speaker in your hands.

Named the Panther, the sunglasses weight in at just 45 grams and are available in 5 different colours with replaceable lenses. The battery provides up to 4 hours of audio and can be recharged within one hour.

The project will become available in December 2016 should the Kickstarter (which launches on 16 June) be successful. Early bird prices will start at $89 USD (approx. 62).

Images: Zungle

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