Apple Announces iOS 10

  • Posted 25 months Ago

In additional to macOS Sierra, Apple used WWDC 2016 to introduce iOS 10 - the latest version of its mobile operating system.

It seems one of Apple's main focusses was to open up its technology to developers, recognising that without them its features will never become truly useful. 3D Touch, for example, will now be available to developers to implement into their apps, as well as being available straight from the lock screen - you'll be able to push down on the right to open up the camera or down on the left to open some useful widgets. Siri has also been opened up, which means it'll be able to scan through other apps and could call you an Uber or order some food, potentially becoming the virtual assistant Apple originally dreamt of.

Other updates include a new "advanced computer vision" feature in Photos, which will be able to recognise faces and categorise your shots into "Memories", and a big update to the much-mocked Maps, which could (maybe..) rival the dominant Google Maps thanks to improved turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to work alongside scheduled Calendar events or takeover your car dashboard with CarPlay.

A lot of music lovers out there will be pleased to hear Apple Music will also be getting a redesign, hopefully allowing your music to be accessed much, much easier. Voicemails have been improved too and will be able to transcribe your messages, so you won't have to quickly jot down that phone number, while Messages will include emojis three-times the size and suggestions of where words could be replaced with emojis. There will also be an "invisible ink" feature that will obscure messages and photos until you decide to open them (potentially stepping on Snapchat's "dick pic" roots a little…) and options to send handwritten messages or edit pictures live.

Developers will get access to iOS 10 today and it'll be officially released to everyone later in the year.

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