Leica's Incredibly Rare Leitz Titanium M7 is on Sale for $190,000

  • Posted 22 months Ago

The Leica aficionados among you may remember that back in 2004, Leica celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Leica M System by releasing a limited run of 50 Leitz Titanium M7s. Now, one of those 50 has surfaced on eBay with the rather eye-watering price tag of $190,000, although a Leica did sell for over 2 million EUR not so long ago, so compared ton that you've got yourself a bargain. The camera comes complete with three lenses of 28mm, 50mm, and 90mm focal lengths and the body has been finished with titanium and a fingerprint-resistant silicon dioxide coating to keep it looking clean. All that comes neatly packaged in a matching titanium case. Got the dollar? Head over to eBay.

Photo: eBay

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