Video: Vince Staples Reviews the 2016 Rio Olympics

  • Posted 23 months Ago

Californian rapper Vince Staples has got a mini-web series with GQ called "Vince Staples Reviews Every Fucking Thing" and it is of course absolutely amazing to watch. The latest episode sees him giving his opinion on a number of events from the 2016 Rio Olympics. He shares thoughts on badminton, table tennis, men’s gymnastics and synchronised diving, to which he says "this is crazy, this is like an FKA twigs video."

While defending Table Tennis' status as an Olympic sport, Vince says "Forest Gump was a table tennis champion and he’s one of the greatest Olympians we’ve ever had in this world." Take a look and enjoy the video above!

Vince Staples incredible debut album Summertime '06 is out now.