Video: Midnight Chats With A$AP Rocky

Nowness presents this frank chat with Rocky for their Directors’ Cut series.

  • · Posted 18 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

Nowness has shared a short video in their Directors’ Cut series featuring A$AP Rocky. Directed by Jacob John Harmer, the late-night video portrait was filmed in between a magazine cover shoot in east London and sees Rocky getting high and speaking frankly about his crush on Charlize Theron, what his favourite movies are and what his spirit animal is. Take a look above and read a short quote from Harmer about the film below.

"He exudes eloquence, but also a humbleness and warm charisma which made everyone on set feel like his friend. He’s ridiculously handsome in person and has a clear understanding of the relationship between clothes and motion. His deft movements generated killer shot after killer shot."

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Source: Nowness
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