Facebook Launches Lifestage - An App for Anyone Under 21

Facebook tackles its raging audience with an app only for teens.

  • · Posted 19 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

Facebook may be the world's biggest social network, boasting well over a billion active users, but it has a problem - teens are becoming less engaged, leaving the site to their boring parents while they move onto other apps like Snapchat.

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In an attempt to attract the youth back over, Facebook has launched Lifestage - a standalone iOS app for people 21 and under. It's essentially a quick way of sharing your bio with others, but all through short video clips.

When you sign up, it asks you to film quick clips of all different things - your happy face, sad face, best friend, dance moves, and the things you like. These will all then be combined into a video profile that can only be watched by people who go to the same school as you or a school nearby. You can also block users with a Tinder-style swipe.

"I wanted to work on an app that my demographic would relate to, or at least that my friends would want to use," said Michael Sayman, Facebook's 19-year-old product manager and creator of Lifestage, when speaking to TechCrunch.

Under 21? Fantastic, go and try out the app here and let us know what you think.

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