Just Eat Has Had A Rebrand

  • Posted 20 months Ago

Food delivery service Just Eat has unveiled a rebrand handled by creative agency venturethree.

As well as removing the curser icon from the centre of "A" on "EAT", the new visual identity also introduced a multi-coloured spectrum background, which the agency said alludes to the "diversity of food choices". The photographic imagery has also moved away from "food porn", instead placing a focus on community.

The main aim of the "expressive and upbeat" redesign was to improve the public's perception of the brand, making it appear more premium as well as making sure the logo stands out well on the back of their delivery bikes. The removal of the curser icon also hints at the mobile-first future of the company, reacting to the fact that most customers now order from their mobile devices instead of their desktops, so the curser icon has become a little irrelevant.

"Today, convenience is expected and time is a luxury, which presents an opportunity for Just Eat to be far more than a last minute craving, a late night curry," says venturethree. "It is a healthy breakfast a few mornings a week, lunch in the park or a dinner party with friends. It is more than an aggregator serving up convenience, it is a place to find old favourites and discover new ones – unparalleled choice, for any occasion, at any time. By ‘Making food discovery exciting for everyone’, Just Eat becomes the heart of a community of food lovers."

Images: venturethree

Source: venturethree
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