The NFL Just Banned YEEZY Cleats

This could equal some seriously big bucks for West & adidas.

  • · Posted 18 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

A few days ago adidas and Kanye West unveiled the latest member to the ridiculously popular, queue-inducing YEEZY Boost line - the YEEZY 350 Cleats.

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Clearly adidas's PR company had been doing a good job as well, because as soon as they were unveiled NFL stars were Instagramming them and players like Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans, and Sammy Watkins of the Buffalo Bills all wore them out onto the field.

For some reason though, NFL decided to take against the new boots, stating that all boots worn in-game need to have a "solid base colour".

They added that any players caught wearing them would be fined $6,000 every time they did so. That's a pretty hefty fine even for NFL players.

Hopkins even stated he wouldn't be wearing the boots again unless Kanye West came forward and paid the fines for him.

West might not need to pull out his cheque book just yet though, because adidas has apparently stepped in and is offering to take care of all the fines.

Why? Probably because they realise this ban could generate some seriously big bucks. The last time a major American sporting league banned a notable signature shoe was all the way back in 1985 when they declared war on the Air Jordans, and we all know how important that silhouette became for Nike.

The YEEZY 350 Cleats are expected to be available some time today (15 September) for $250. A pair of YEEZY 750 Cleats have also been Instagrammed by Von Miller, so expect more news on those soon.

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