Listen: Nicolas Jaar - Sirens (Full Album Stream)

Streaming now on his Other People Radio Network.

  • · Posted 17 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

Nicolas Jaar only announced details of his long-awaited new album Sirens on Friday of last week, but as promised, it’s available to stream in full now via his Other People Radio Network.

He stated when he announced the online radio station that "Channel 333 will be a good place to end," and it is indeed Channel 333 where you can hear the album. You can’t skip the tracks, which ties in with the PR spiel saying that it features "six tracks that each flow seamlessly into the next."

Head to to listen to Sirens in full.

The album is out on 30 September, so expect it to be on the conventional streaming outlets then. It’s awesome looking scratch-off artwork vinyl edition will be available 14 October.

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Nicolas Jaar - Sirens
1. Killing Time
2. The Governor
3. Leaves
4. No
5. Three Sides of Nazareth
6. History Lesson

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