Video: $4 Burger vs. $777 Burger

Does price really make a difference when it comes to burgers?

  • · Posted 17 months Ago
  •  BY Jack Lowe

Burgers appear on pretty much every menu from grotty fast food joints all the way up to Michelin starred restaurants, varying in price from a couple of pounds all the way up to hundreds, but does price really have an impact on how good the burger tastes?

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The people at Buzzfeed Video decided to test it out, heading to Vegas to try out three burgers of different price points. They start out with a $4 Double char burger at Habit Burger before moving on to an $18 Hog Burger at Gordan Ramsay Burger, topping the trip off with a $777 burger at Le Burger Brasserie. Watch the video above to find out which was the best.

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