Woman Who Returned $5,000 She Found in Domino's Box Now Gets Free Pizza

  • Posted 21 months Ago

What goes around really comes around - a woman who returned $5000 of cash she found in a pizza box has been rewarded with free Domino's pizza for a year.

After ordering the pizza for her lunch, Selena Avalos was shocked to find wads of cash filling the box instead of a delicious pizza.

"I was like, I can’t keep it, it’s a crazy amount of money," she told NBC4. "It’s not like it’s $20 you find, you know? It’s almost $5,000."

She eventually managed to get in contact with the owner of the franchise, who rewarded her with the free pizza for an entire year. That said, the average person probably spends wayyy less than $5,000 on pizza in a year, so maybe she should have just kept the cash… Karma's a bitch though and no doubt something terrible would have happened to her if she opted for pocketing the dough. Well done, Selena!

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