HipChips - A Conveyor Belt Crisp Café Is Coming To Soho

  • Posted 20 months Ago

A crisp and dip cafe called HipChips has announced that it will be opening in London's Soho, provided diners with crisps from a conveyor belt and a wide range of dips such as baba ghanoush, katsu curry, Moroccan yoghurt and pickled onion fondue.

The crisps will be made from a variety of heritage potatoes, such as Highland Burgundy, Salad Blue, Pink Fir Apple, Shetland Black and Red Duke of York, and even "pudding" crisps will be available, coated in sugar and cinnamon instead of the usual salt.Rhubarb and custard and salted caramel dips will accompany these, catering to those with a sweet tooth.

HipChips is due to open later this month on Old Compton Street. A small box of crisps will cost £4.50, ranging up to a large box with six dips for £11.50.

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