Video: "You Don't Know Jack" - The History of Jack Daniel's Whiskey

  • Posted 20 months Ago

We've all heard of Jack Daniel's whiskey, but few of us actually know the humble origins of the drink. To this day, its unique beginnings continue to shape the company, which has remained true to its principles even though it now operates on a global scale.

In a short video called "You Don't Know Jack", London bartender Nathan Shearer heads off to the tiny town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, where everything first began in 1866. "I always say that everybody who's lived here has either worked at the distillery or has a family member that's worked at the distillery," says Jesse James, who gives Shearer a quick tour of the town. "This is what made Lynchburg appear on the map."

To this day, every drop of Jack Daniel's whiskey is made in this one distillery. In fact, most of the processes have remained the same since the start, from the charcoaling of the sugar maple to using water from the local cave spring, which flows virtually iron free and gives Jack Daniel's its distinctive colour.

Shearer (or "Big Red", as one of the locals calls him) ends his trip by driving 90-miles up the road to Nashville, exploring the strong ties between Jack Daniel's and the city's thriving music scene.

Watch the video above!