Hotel Carlota in Mexico City

  • Posted 19 months Ago

Designed by architects SJa, Hotel Carlota is located in the heart of Mexico City, just a short walk from the famous Paseo de la Reform Avenue, the sprawling Chapultepec city park, and the landmark National Museum of Anthropology.

Its beautiful central courtyard is the busiest part of the hotel during the day, overlooked by the restaurant and bar, while the shop, gallery, and library spaces are integrated with one another and provide a quieter area to relax in.

Each of the hotel's 36 rooms have their own unique design, created in collaboration with a team of Mexican designers who took care of every detail of the spaces. "From concrete furniture with inlaid custom wood and lighting fixtures, even the bathroom fixtures, producing each piece according to each room," says Hotel Carlota. "[They] have a living condition inside that depends on the guest, some even have private roof terraces to sunbathe and enjoy the vertical urban landscape of Mexico City."

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Photos courtesy of Hotel Carlota