72 New Emojis Are Coming: Including Fingers Crossed, Face Palm, and Shrug

  • Posted 19 months Ago

It's been announced that a new set of emojis will be released with Apple's iOS 10.2, which is due to be rolled out within the next month.

There will be 72 new emojis in total, including "face palm", the long-awaited "fingers crossed", "shrug", "selfie", and "clown face". New animals have also been added, such as a gorilla and a fox, alongside new food items like bacon (c'mon, why did this one take so long?!), kale, and green salad. Artists, pilots, judges, health workers, and firefighters are also now represented in the careers section.

All of these new emojis will be available on iOS devices as well as Macs and the new MacBook "Touch Bar" with a fresh 3D render, which you can see shown in the tweet below.

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