This "PomPom Mirror" Is Completely Hypnotising

  • Posted 19 months Ago

This isn't a new invention, in fact it was displayed last year in an exhibition at New York's Bitforms Gallery, but after discovering it on the Design subreddit we thought this was well worth a share.

Designed by Israeli artist Daniel Rozin, this interactive "mirror" is made from 928 spherical faux-fur pompoms that seem to magically change from cream to black, acting like pixels to create a moving silhouette. Each of the tufts is controlled by its own motor, which moves the colours back and forth so that only one is displayed at a time. Combined with a Microsoft Kinect sensor, which routes the data through a computer, the mirror is able to recognise shapes and movement, translating that through to the pompoms.

Check out the piece in action above!

Tags: design