Is Change on the Horizon? Here's The Electoral College Map If Only Millennials Voted

  • Posted 17 months Ago

This morning we woke up to the news that Republican candidate Donald Trump has won the 2016 US election. What exactly that shocking news means for American citizens and the world at large is still unclear, although many are predicting a pretty frightening and miserable four years.

That said, change could well be on the horizon. Back in late October, SurveyMonkey shared an interactive graphic showing what the Electoral College map would look like if only millennials had voted. Hillary Clinton would have taken every state bar 7, smashing Donald Trump out of the water. There’s one key problem, however - despite millennials being one of the largest voting groups, equal in number to baby boomers, historically the turn out in that age bracket is incredibly low. Back in 2008, just 50% of millennials cast their vote, and that was the largest figure on record.

The same issue lead the Leave camp to victory during Brexit in the UK. Despite 74% of millennials supporting the Remain camp, a paltry 64% actually voted (compared to 90% of over 65s). If that figure had been just slightly higher, we would no doubt be in a very different situation today.

We can only hope that the Trump presidency, whatever that may bring with it, ignites some political passion in the younger generations, inspiring them to vote in four years time and push for a positive future.

Image: SurveyMonkey