SodaStream Parody Game of Thrones "Shame" Scene in New Advert

  • Posted 19 months Ago

SodaStream has shared a brilliant new advert parodying the enduring Game of Thrones "shame" scene in which Ceresi is forced to walk through King’s Landing as people hurl abuse (and other things) at her.

The clever advert sees a man buying a load of sparkling water in plastic bottles from a supermarket. Immediately after picking up the bottles, he is followed by Septa Unella and her bell as she declares "shame" on him over and over. After a very unpleasant walk through town, he ends up delivering the bottles to The Mountain who asks: "why are you stupid?… don’t you know you’re hurting Mother Earth?". He then gives a handy demonstration of a SodaStream and shares the tagline "Fuck Plastic Bottles!".

Take a look above!