Zach Braff Says Scrubs Revival "Could Happen"

  • Posted 17 months Ago

During a Twitter Q&A, for which he recorded video answers, actor Zach Braff said a Scrubs revival "could happen".

He speaks about how a lot of shows are going to Netflix to relaunch, like Gilmore Girls and Full House. "You never know about making more Scrubs episodes, it's something we all talk about," he says. "We talk about it every now and then, so you never know, could happen. I'd do it."

Scrubs launched in 2001 and carried on for nine seasons, airing its last episode in 2010, however only two actors from the main original cast, Donald Faison (Turk) and John McGinley (Perry Cox), stuck with their roles, causing season 9 to get a Rotten Tomatoes rating of just 50%.

Photo: NBC

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