Apple Promises It's Working on Some "Great Desktops"

  • Posted 17 months Ago

Given that it's been more than 430 days since the iMac received an upgrade, a lot of people are questioning Apple's commitment to the desktop market, criticising the company for focussing too much attention on its best-seller - the iPhone.

In a leaked memo, however, CEO Tim Cook apparently quelled the rumours, saying: "Some folks in the media have raised the question about whether we’re committed to desktops," the CEO wrote. "If there’s any doubt about that with our teams, let me be very clear: we have great desktops in our roadmap. Nobody should worry about that."

The iMac used to have a refresh cycle of around 147 days, so it's been a long time coming. "The desktop is very strategic for us. It’s unique compared to the notebook because you can pack a lot more performance in a desktop — the largest screens, the most memory and storage, a greater variety of I/O, and fastest performance," Cook continued. "So there are many different reasons why desktops are really important, and in some cases critical, to people."

Apple hasn't official commented about the iMac, but stay tuned for more information in the New Year.

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