Christmas Gift Guide: Marshall Acton Speaker

  • Posted 18 months Ago

The Marshall family doesn’t just include monstrous amps and quality headphones, they also produce a collection of home speakers, ranging from the loud, louder and loudest. The Acton is the smallest speaker on offer, but it is still a seriously powerful piece of equipment.

Providing deep bass and a crystal clear midrange, as well as Marshall’s custom control 3 analogue interaction knobs that allow you to fine tune to get the sound that suits your needs, the Acton is a compact speaker which is as ferocious as it is versatile.

You can play music, listen to the radio or whatever you please by connecting a device via Bluetooth or use the real nice looking coiled double-ended stereo cable which is provided.

The design is classic Marshall, a vintage look with gold-coloured metals details built around their iconic script logo.

Available in black or gold, the Acton speaker can be purchased direct from the Marshall Headphones website for 199. Take a closer look at it above and below!

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Photos: HUH.