Transport for London Introduces "Please Offer Me A Seat" Badges

Those with hidden disabilities will know the struggle of travelling during the rush hour, knowing that you're most likely not going to find or be offered a seat. To help combat the issue, Transport for London (TfL) has introduced a blue "Please offer me a seat" badge and an accompanying card.

The badge joins the successful "Baby on board" badge, which helps pregnant women to find a seat.

In a trial, 72% of users said journeys were made easier thanks to the badge, while 86% said they felt more confident when they had to ask someone for a seat.

"Before I had the badge, I was always really anxious about travelling on peak," said Twitter user @BlueTube2016. "Without something to see, I didn't want to risk being interrogated about my invisible disability, or have to justify my need for a seat, so I suffered in silence."

The badge will be a permanent addition from spring 2017.