UK Vinyl Sales at 25-Year High

  • Posted 18 months Ago

Sales of vinyl in 2016 reached a 25-year high, with more than 3.2 million vinyl records being sold - up 53% on last year.

David Bowie played a big part in the rise, as his final album Blackstar sold more than double the number of copies of Adele’s 25, 2015’s highest seller. Radiohead also had strong vinyl sales with A Moon Shaped Pool, while the majority of 2016’s other top 10 vinyl albums were made up of classics from Amy Winehouse, Prince, The Beatles and others.

As the BBC reports, vinyl sales still only account for 2.6% of the overall music market, as CDs and downloads still dominate, but unlike vinyl, they are on a downward curve with sales falling rapidly. CDs saw a 11.7% drop on last year and downloads went even further down with a 29.6% decrease.

Top 10 Vinyl Albums Of 2016
1. David Bowie - Blackstar
2. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black
3. Various Artists - Guardians of the Galaxy Mix 1
4. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
5. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
6. The Stone Roses - Stone Roses
7. Bob Marley - Legend
8. The Beatles - Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
9. Prince - Purple Rain
10. Nirvana - Nevermind