Kendrick Lamar Discusses New Album About "How Wayward Things Have Gone"

  • Posted 13 months Ago

Kendrick Lamar has revealed some details about his new album, the follow-up to 2015’s incredible To Pimp A Butterfly, in an interview with The New York Times.

He says the record will be about "how wayward things have gone within the past few months" and he also states that "To Pimp a Butterfly was addressing the problem" and he's now "in a space now where I’m not addressing the problem anymore".

He goes on in the interview to say "We’re in a time where we exclude one major component out of this whole thing called life: God. Nobody speaks on it because it’s almost in conflict with what’s going on in the world when you talk about politics and government and the system".

Although no timeline is given on when new music is likely to drop, it certainly seems like Kendrick has a lot to say with his new material. Hopefully it’ll arrive sooner rather than later.

Read the full interview interview over on the The New York Times.