IKEA's Head of Design Unveils His Favourite IKEA Product

  • Posted 14 months Ago

IKEA has built itself around a wide range of products that, as well as coming with a reasonable price tag, work perfectly in all different settings. But, out of all the different options, what do the designers at IKEA feel is their greatest achievement?

Speaking to Business Insider, the company's design manager, Marcus Engman, revealed that his favourite IKEA product of all time is the humble Klippan Loveseat.

The Klippan Loveseat was actually designed by Engman's father, Lars, and was first introduced at the retailer back in 1979. To this day, it remains one of the brand's most popular sofas.

"I remember when he brought it home for tests, and he asked me and my sister what we thought of it," says Engman, who's worked at IKEA since he was 16. "I have a lot of fond memories with that sofa, and I'm glad that it has survived for so long."

So what does he love about it so much? Well, you can easily change it's colour, so you can live with it for a long time. It also fits easily through most doorways, making it very practical. Thanks to a few subtle changes, it's also decreased in price by 40% since its introduction, now retailing for between 149 and 175 depending on the cover.

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