Ember - A Temperature Controlled Coffee Mug

  • Posted 14 months Ago

Mugs, they pretty much do exactly what you want them to do - hold liquid, but thermal scientist Clay Alexander saw room for improvement. Frustrated with the fact that our crockery has remained much the same since the days of cavemen, he developed Ember - a smart travel mug designed to cool your coffee or tea to your ideal temperature and then keep it at that level for up to 4 hours.

Beautifully sleek on the outside, the mug hides some powerful technology within its walls, including an active heating system and a passive cooling system that can cool your drink six times faster than it would naturally. It's also packed with a microprocessor and sensors that constantly monitor the temperature of your drink. The temperature can be set using a simple interface on the mug, or you can also pair it with an app on your smartphone or Apple Watch if you want to get into a bit more detail.

The mug's battery will last you for about two hours and a capacitive charging coaster makes it easy to recharge and keep going indefinitely while you're in your home or office.

The Ember mug is available online now for $149.95

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