Monopoly Introduces New Playing Pieces

  • Posted 14 months Ago

Was the boot, wheelbarrow or thimble your go-to playing piece in Monopoly? Well, first of all what were you thinking? And secondly, tough luck, as they've all now been retired in favour of a a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a penguin and a rubber ducky.

The change was decided after a public vote, making this the second time Monopoly has consulted its audience about which pieces to retire. Back in 2013, the iron was removed in favour of a cat. The remaining original pieces - including a battleship and a boot - have been part of the game since it was launched in 1935.

Not a fan of the new T-Rex? It could have been worse. Options for the public to choose from included a hashtag, an emoji, and a flip-flop.

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In other news, someone's invented LEGO Tape to turn everything into a building base.

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