Lomography Launches Lomo'Instant with Wide-Angle Lens

  • Posted 14 months Ago

Lomography has just introduced a new instant camera featuring a wide-angle lens and the largest aperture of any instant camera.

The Lomo'instant Automat Glass Magellan's lens is the widest available for an Instax-compatible camera and can go up to f/4.5, making it ideal for action shots and shooting in low light conditions. Other features include a lens cap that doubles as a remote shutter, accessories for close-up shots, and colour gel filters for the flash.

"With a beautifully sharp, multi-coated glass lens and the widest focal length on the market, the Lomo’Instant Automat Glass has everything you need to capture the world in crystal-clear, razor-sharp definition," says Lomography. "Multi-coated to reduce reflections, the glass lens delivers pocket-sized prints bursting with vibrant colors and beautiful, crisp detail."

The Lomography Lomo'instant Automat Glass Magellan is available to pre-order now for 169. Delivery is due for mid-April 2017.

Above: The Lomography Lomo'instant Automat Glass Magellan

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