Music Video Monday

The best new music videos released over the past week.

  • · Posted 10 months Ago
  •  BY Joe Reeve

We’ve got six new music videos to show you once again in our staple Music Video Monday round-up. They are - an incredible animated video from Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, a funny story of death by Mastodon, a dreamy offering from new Captured Tracks signing Reptaliens, a simple green screen video from Deep Throat Choir, a fantastical piece from Los Angeles Police Department, and an eerie visual from Puppy.

Watch them all below and enjoy!

Joe Goddard - Home
Directed by Pete Fowler

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Mastodon - Show Yourself
Directed by Robert Schober

Reptaliens - Prequel
Directed by Costa Gountanis

Deep Throar Choir - Baby
Directed by Katy Beth-Young

Los Angeles Police Department - Grown
Directed by Juliana & Nicky Giraffe

Puppy - Beast
Directed by Billy Howard Price

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