Apple's New Patent Turns an iPhone Into a Laptop

  • Posted 15 months Ago

A recent patent filing has been discovered by Apple Insider that shows Apple's potential plans to work on a laptop that would be completely powered by an iPhone or iPad.

In one example, the iPhone can be docked where a MacBook's trackpad would be normally be, allowing it to become the processor, graphics card, memory, and storage for the entire device, as well as using its touchscreen as a trackpad. The laptop itself would have a keyboard, larger display, and batteries.

The iPad version is similar, but the iPad would dock where the screen normally goes, while the laptop will have its own trackpad.

Here we see an iPad docking into the display section of a laptop.

Just because Apple has patented the idea, it doesn't mean they will actually bring this product to market. Instead, it just gives us an insight into the various design directions the company is currently exploring.

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Source: Apple Insider
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