Is Apple Bringing Back The PowerBook?

  • Posted 14 months Ago

Apple has just filed a worldwide trademark for a term it hasn't used for quite a while - "PowerBook" - sparking speculation that the tech giant will be bringing back its first ever laptop.

The PowerBook hasn't been in Apple's product line since the MacBook replaced it in 2006, but when it was first introduced in 1991 it was relatively revolutionary, billed as the "first supercomputer you can actually take with on on an airplane." It featured a trackball, floppy disc reader and a distinctive colourful Apple logo.

The Apple PowerBook 150, via Wikipedia

Apple has not confirmed the return of the PowerBook and there are multiple other reasons for the company to trademark the term, but a re-release would fit in the current trend of taking products back to their original form. Just the other week the iPad Air was ditched in favour of the iPad.

Whatever happens, we'll be here to cover it. Stay tuned…

Apple also patented a laptop that's powered by an iPhone or iPad.