Calm FM mixtape drops on Good Friday."> Calm FM mixtape drops on Good Friday." /> Calm FM mixtape drops on Good Friday.">

New Music: Lifestyle - Always More

  • Posted 13 months Ago

Lifestyle are a new duo at the forefront of a collective of artists in South London headed up by Luke Brennan and Lewis Rainsbury, formerly of dreamy R&S-signed group Vondelpark.

The remnants of Vondelpark are most definitely present in their debut track "Always More", so if you were a fan of theirs, you’ll have plenty to like here. The track is a pleasantly disorientating mix of electronics, reverb soaked vocals and clean melodic guitars, which all blend together for an atmospheric and intriguing sound.

Check out the lo-fi visual shot by Olivia Albanell below and look forward to more from Lifestyle when their Calm FM mixtape drops soon.