Litelok, A Lightweight, Flexible & Secure Bike Lock

  • Posted 13 months Ago

Litelok is a new super secure bike lock which has been receiving lots of attention thanks to it’s innovative lightweight flexible design and gold security status.

Launching on Kickstarter in 2015, the lock absolutely smashed its 20,000 goal, eventually ending up with more than ten times that amount at the end of the campaign. They followed up that success with an award at the London Cycling Awards in 2016 and have been steadily reaching out to more and more people about their product. We got our hands on a smart looking black Litelok to test out for ourselves.

If you’ve ever lugged a D-lock around, either by attaching it to your bike or carrying it in a backpack, then as soon as you pick up the Litelok you’ll notice how comparably lightweight it is. It comes in at 1.1kg, which is a lot less than all of the other gold standard locks on the market.

Photo: HUH.

That’s not to say it’s not a flimsy little thing though, it's very sturdy, so much so that you need a bit of muscle power to be able to flex it into position when locking up. This flexibility is a luxury when again compared to a traditional D-lock however. It allows you to bend it through the wheel so you can lock in both the back wheel and frame for extra security.

The lock itself is very easy to use, to unlock it you need a key (three are provided), but to lock it up all you need to do is just snap it shut. Two Liteloks can even be linked together to create a longer lock which can be opened with one unique key.

The look of the Litelok is nothing to get too excited about, but we don’t think a lock should be there to look pretty, if anything it should be plain and functional, which is what the Litelok is.

It’s available in either crow black, boa green, or herringbone and you can purchase one direct from Litelok for 85 or 160 for a pair.

Watch a video below of a man trying and failing to cut into one with a combination of cable cutters, bolt croppers, cordless drill, hacksaw, freeze spray, hammer & chisel and crow bar!