Talented Graffiti Crew SMT Sentenced for Damage to Trains

  • Posted 14 months Ago

After three years of police investigation, five members of graffiti crew SMT have received prison sentences for a series of graffiti offences and criminal damage to trains.

Members to be sentenced include 25-year-old photographer Kieron Cummings, otherwise known as The London Vagabond, who Vivienne Westwood described as a "rare talent". Blake Feather is also an accomplished artist and has received various art commissions from TV producers, as well running a successful business. Kieron was jailed for 16 months whilst Blake received 12 months.

In handing down the sentences at Manchester Crown Court, Judge Michael Leeming said graffiti was "not a victimless crime", stating that the group had caused over 340,000 of damage across the country. Their barrister, however, argued that there was an "unusual gulf" in the amount of talent the men in the dock had and their offending. In 2012, a judge also said the group had a portfolio of work "you would be proud of".

Regardless of the outcome, SMT's work will remain highly influential within the UK scene.

Photo: Pixabay

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